Pennsylvania represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His attitude is, apparently, based off of the city of Philadelphia. His human name is William Bielschmidt Jones. William after the state's founder, Pennsylvania, and Bielschmidt after Gilbert Bielschmidt (Prussia). He has a pet eagle named Samuel and a pet Pitt Bull named Philip. He used to have a pet groundhog, but it apparently died before Groundhog's Day.


Pennsylvania is a man at medium-height with blonde hair in two long bangs, glasses, a bandage around his head, and blue eyes (which turn red when he eats chocolate).

Personality and InterestsEdit

Pennsylvania constantly speaks in a loud, booming voice and speaks in a dialect of Old English. Normally, he's very jovial, goofy, and accident-prone (referencing Pennsylvania's high crime rates). However, when he eats chocolate, his eyes turn red and he suddenly becomes very mischievous, playing pranks on his fellow states. Despite his usual silly nature, Pennsylvania is usually viewed as a reliable old state who the others can count on.



Since Delaware and Pennsylvania are considered the two oldest, they are very close friends. However, when Pennsylvania gets chocolate, Delaware is usually the first to turn tail and run.


The two seem to get along well. Pennsylvania provided emotional support for Massachusetts when he was suffering during the Revolution. He's one of the few who's allowed to call him "Penns".

New Jersey

Unlike most of the other states, Pennsylvania doesn't mock New Jersey. The two are often seen hanging out to get coffee.

New York

Pennsylvania is one of the few states that New York shows any respect for. He's one of the few who's allowed to call him "Penns".


Pennsylvania and Virginia are very good friends. When Virginia was captured, Pennsylvania asked Virginia why he seceded when he used to be so admirable. When Abraham Lincoln was shot, Pennsylvania asked for Virginia to be allowed a temporary release to hunt him down.

West Virginia

Pennsylvania is one of West's nearest neighbors. The two often play football and a friendly rivalry seems to exist between them. He refers to West as "a good boy".

Washington, D.C.

Pennsylvania is D.C.'s godfather. He is extremely affectionate towards her and is always doting on her. During 9/11, he saved her from one of the crashing planes. He gladly gave her the Declaration of Independence as a birthday present. Even during his "Prussia" moments, he still shows affeciton towards her.