Oregon 1

Oregon represents the 33rd state of America. His human name is Salem Jones (after the state's capital city).


Oregon is a relatively tall man with gray eyes. His hair's natural color is brown. He's often seen wearing a raincoat and other rain gear.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Oregon is an open hipster. He's rather eccentric and opposed to doing anything that's viewed as "normal", hence her insistance on changing her hair at every opportune moment. She used to be a rambunctious territory on the other side of North America, but was forced to join the Union for the Civil War. She's a rather open liberal and has issues with the more Republican states. She's also a great cook and runs a restaurant.



Oregon and California have a close friendship due to their shared ideals. During the Civil War, she helped California deal with multiple uprisings that took place in his southern counties.


The two have a rather open rivalry. Montana can't stand Oregon because she tattoo'd one of his legs as her property (a reference to the fact that a segment of Montana used to be part of Oregon).


Virginia doesn't like Oregon at all. Virginia's by-the-book approach to life doesn't blend well with Oregon's eccentricities. And, during the Vietnam War, Oregon openly insulted Virginia for going overseas to fight.


Oregon is Washington's big sister. Washington used to live with Oregon in one, large territory. The two have a close sibling relationship, Oregon being a major fan of Washington's computer science.

Washington, D.C.

D.C. likes Oregon's rather eccentric nature. Oregon once put a pink stripe in DC's hair, but Virginia had it washed out immediately after finding out.

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